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This Week's Autojumbles and Classic Car Events

It's the start of a new year, and we hope you have a prosperous 2017. Keep tuned in to jonniejumble for events around the UK this year.

Latest Autojumbles and Events : 18.01 CMA Social Meet : 18.01 Plough Inn Bikers Night : 20.01 Whitwell & Reepham Station Bikers Night : 21.01 Kempton Park Motorbike Auto Jumble : 22.01 Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club Meet : 22.01 Eastern Riders Sunday Ride : 28.01 Lincoln Autojumble : 28.01 Squires Bike Autojumble : 29.01 Bingley Hall Mini Fair : 29.01 Normous Newark Autojumble : 01.02 CMA Branch Meeting : 04.02 37th Carole Nash Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show : 04.02 SHVR Classic Car Brunch : 04.02 Rufforth Autojumble : 05.02 Huddersfield Autojumble : 18.02 Pomeroy Trophy Competition : 19.02 DubFreeze VW Show : 24.02 Race Retro 2017 : 26.02 Morris Minors At Manchester : 03.03 40th Antwerp Classic Salon : : ... check our listings. JAN 2017 Events

This Wednesday 18th January sees the CMA Social Meet event at Racecourse Pub, Norfolk. On the 18th January it's the Plough Inn Bikers Night event at The Plough Inn, Norfolk, and on 20th January the Whitwell & Reepham Station Bikers Night event at The Whitwell & Reepham Station, Norfolk. Following that on 21st January the Kempton Park Motorbike Auto Jumble event at Kempton Park, Middlesex, and then on the 22nd January it's the the Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club Meet at Ace Café, London.

For a list of events coming up in the next few weeks, please look here.

For a list of ALL events, please look here.

These events are updated weekly (Sunday evening generally). Check back next week for the latest events.

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Museum Feature

Snibston Discovery Park

This week we feature the Snibston Discovery Park in Leicestershire, UK.

Leicestershire’s award winning all-weather museum. Snibston is one of the largest and most dynamic museums in the Midlands. Here you can discover science and industry, fashion and textiles and the environment with popular "hands-on" exhibits interpreting real objects that tell the story of the working lives of Leicestershire people. On the site of a former colliery, the museum displays a rich collection of historic objects telling the story of transport, mining and quarrying, engineering and ..... Read more about the Snibston Discovery Park here.

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Classic Car Restoration Books

Classic Car Interiors Restoration Manual

Classic Car Interiors Restoration Manual

It Covers all stages of vehicle interior enhancement, from cleaning and tidying, through to stripping out and replacing upholstery, repairing seat frames, and renewing trim panels. Other chapters describe how to cure water leaks, rust damage, re-colouring vinyl trim, feeding and maintaining leather upholstery, facia and door capping renovation and dealing with headlinings. Useful contact addresses are included in the appendices.