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Please don't contact us directly about any of the events -- “we list but don't organises!” -- All the information we have is posted on the individual event page, along with the contact details of the organiser.

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The events are kept as up to date as possible, but sometimes thing can change last minute and we don't always get informed. On 99% of the pages (if you follow the links) there is a phone number and contact person. If you want to be certain that an event is taking please, we highly recommend giving the organisers a call directly. This is particularly important for monthly events or events run by the smaller clubs.

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*Nov 2017
Please find below a list of upcoming
Autojumble Events, Classic Car Shows
and Meets from,
*Monday 20th November 2017 to Sunday 10th December 2017 inclusive.
  • Plough Inn Bikers Night
  • Whitwell & Reepham Station Bikers Night
  • Lincoln Autojumble 
  • Squires Bike Autojumble 
  • Vintage Vehicle Auction Errol Airfield
  • Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club Meet
  • Clitheroe Autojumble 
  • Eastern Riders Sunday Ride
  • Huddersfield Autojumble 
  • SHVR Classic Car Brunch
  • 49th Essen Messe Motor Show
  • Kempton Park Motorbike Auto Jumble 
  • Rufforth Autojumble 
  • The Christmas Cracker at GMTS
  • CMA Branch Meeting
  • Normous Newark Autojumble 
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    Plough Inn Bikers Night

    The Plough Inn, Great Bentley, Norfolk.
    ... more about the Plough Inn Bikers Night.Map


    Whitwell & Reepham Station Bikers Night

    The Whitwell & Reepham Station, Whitwell Road, Norfolk.
    ... more about the Whitwell & Reepham Station Bikers Night.Map


    Lincoln Autojumble

    Hangar Number One, Former RAF Base, Lincolnshire.
    ... more about the Lincoln Autojumble.Map


    Squires Bike Autojumble

    Squires Cafe Bar, Newthorpe Lane, West Yorkshire.
    ... more about the Squires Bike Autojumble.Map


    Vintage Vehicle Auction Errol Airfield

    Errol Airfield, Errol, Scotland.
    ... more about the Vintage Vehicle Auction Errol Airfield.Map


    Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club Meet

    Ace Café, North Circular Road, London.
    ... more about the Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club Meet.Map


    Clitheroe Autojumble

    Clitheroe Auction Mart, Lincoln Way, Lancashire.
    ... more about the Clitheroe Autojumble.Map


    Eastern Riders Sunday Ride

    Thickthorn Service Area, A11 / A47 Interchange, Norfolk.
    ... more about the Eastern Riders Sunday Ride.Map


    Huddersfield Autojumble

    Old Market Building, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.
    ... more about the Huddersfield Autojumble.Map


    SHVR Classic Car Brunch

    Pont Abraham, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire.
    ... more about the SHVR Classic Car Brunch.Map


    49th Essen Messe Motor Show

    Essen Messe, Norbertstraße 2, Germany.
    ... more about the 49th Essen Messe Motor Show.Map


    Kempton Park Motorbike Auto Jumble

    Kempton Park, Staines Road East, Middlesex.
    ... more about the Kempton Park Motorbike Auto Jumble.Map


    Rufforth Autojumble

    Rufforth Park, York, Yorkshire.
    ... more about the Rufforth Autojumble.Map


    The Christmas Cracker at GMTS

    Museum of Transport, Boyle Street, Manchester.
    ... more about the The Christmas Cracker at GMTS.Map


    CMA Branch Meeting

    Witard Road Baptist Church, Witard Road, Norfolk.
    ... more about the CMA Branch Meeting.Map


    Normous Newark Autojumble

    Newark and Notts Showground, Nottinghamshire, Nottinghamshire.
    ... more about the Normous Newark Autojumble.Map

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