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About The Cobbaton Combat Collection

Military museum and tourist attraction, this North Devon Collection covers mostly World War Two and the years 1939 - 1945, but with exhibits from the Boer War, up to the First Gulf War. Ranging from military surplus tanks, guns, helmets, artillery, grenades, and bombs, to Home Front ration books, gas masks, ARP and Home Guard uniforms, and blackout lamps. In 1981 Preston Isaac's runaway hobby was opened to the public, and just keeps growing. Most of the vehicles and military equipment are packed in two hangar like Romney buildings. Vehicles are restored, often from derelict condition, not to look pristine, but, as a tribute to their original crews, like vehicles just back from the front line, with muddy tyres and tracks, and festooned with the kit which would have been carried by the soldiers who drove them to war almost seventy years ago. Over the years the Collection has been involved in a small way with film and TV work. In 1982 six vehicles were used in the WW2 sequence in Pink Floyd's "The Wall", filmed at Saunton Sands here in North Devon. In 1984 we specially built a WWII Long Range Desert Group vehicle for use in a BBC film "The Secret Servant".

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▶ Address : Chittlehampton Umberleigh N Devon EX37 9RZ.

▶ Contact Number : 01769 540740.

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