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About The Como Gardens Museum Automobilia

The Museum houses some 16 odd cars, many of early historic significance as they played a major role in pioneering what we enjoy today in modern motoring. In referring to few of these, it is appropriate that we commence with the earliest example, an 1896 Benz Velo. This car was purchased by phone hook-up in 1982 to a London auction house, after its return from the Netherlands Motor Museum, on loan to them for approximately 20 years.
The Museum houses another two London - Brighton runners, a 1903 curved dash Oldsmobile and a 1903 type 56 Peugeot. Only 16 of these 56's were ever built and this, the only survivor in private ownership, the remaining two are displayed in the Peugeot Museum in Paris and the French national motor museum. I bought this car in England and carried out a ground up restoration and used it successfully in five London - Brighton events. Ironically enough, the previous owner had never entered it in any of these events, though it resided at its door step.
The Museum comprises a wide range of baked enamel signs, many illuminated, oil cans and tins, car jacks, pumps, radiators, French lithographs on canvass, scale model aircraft including a WW1 Sopwith Camel fighter Bi-plane, two Mr. Mulligans as designed by wealthy recluse Howard Hughes, petrol bowsers, early pushbikes including a 1880 Penny Farthing, early tools, significant photos and posters of historic racing and their drivers, early fire fighting equipment, early spark plugs and many other items relative to early motoring.

OPENING TIMES : 10.00a.m. - 4.30p.m.

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▶ Address : 79 Basin Olinda Rd, The Basin 3154, Victoria, Australia

▶ Contact Number : 03 9761 1341

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