There are 12 quiz photos in all. Click 'reveal' at the bottom of each set to see the answers.

The quiz photographs were taken at the Toyota Automobile Museum in Nagakute, Nagoya, Japan in 2004. As the name suggests the museum houses Classic Toyota Cars that exhibit Toyota's history and success over the past five decades from the humble beginnings of fabric weaving to current vehicle quality dominance, Globalisation and a model of engineering vision, organisation and success.

Interestingly the museum is home to many classic cars from the United States, Great Britain and Europe. The vehicles typify the history of vehicle development in the nineteenth century, something which no doubt Toyota is proud to be a part of and which will be echoed in another four decades from now. See if you can identify a few of the thumbnails. I had a lot of fun at the museum, taking the photos and preparing the quiz - I hope that you will to.

How good is your knowledge of classic cars?

Part 1 : Guess the names of the make and model from the six thumbnails shown below. The approximate year too, if you can manage it.

Classic Car Quiz Picture 1
Classic Car Quiz Picture 2
Classic Car Quiz Picture 3
Classic Car Quiz Picture 4
Classic Car Quiz Picture 5
Classic Car Quiz Picture 6
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