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About The Automotive Museum Nafplias

The Greek Federation of Historic Vehicles Clubs (EOOE) proudly presents the Automotive Museum Nafplias. A unique of its kind residence and showroom of historic and classic vehicles that aims to show the collaboration of EOOE Members and the maintenance our cultural and industrial heritage with vehicles of not only Greek manufacture but also outside from borders of our country. The Automotive Museum Nafplias is a result of many years of collective passion and a dream that came through a collective and non-profit, cultural effort. The Museum exhibits offer the joy of true beauty of the automotive sector but also it comprehends the technological progress and cultural, social and economic factors that characterized the 20th century. Through the development of planning and the aesthetics of the exhibits of the Museum, as well as their technological, educational, collection and historical interest the visitors cultivate a culture of knowledge and comprehension of figurative means and their operation. *Image is not necessarily one of the museum.

Opening Times

Open by appointment only.

Contacting the Museum

Please do not contact jonniejumble directly about the Automotive Museum Nafplias as they will not be able to reply to your mail.

Use the website address or contact numbers below. Thank you.

Tirinthas Agricultural School str., New Tirintha, Nafplion Greece.,

+302 75 20 47232

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