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This gallery houses examples of cars, lorries, coaches, buses and Motor Cycles which were produced in Bristol. Some of these are still operational and take part in events during the year. You can see the world's first holiday caravan, part of a 150-years-old railway coach, and the Lord Mayor of Bristol's state coach, which is still used on civic occasions. The working Gauge 1 model railway is always a favourite with the children. The Bristol Industrial Museum features exhibits documenting Bristol's maritime history, and includes outdoor exhibits along Prince's Wharf on the Floating Harbour, including the Bristol Harbour Railway and a small fleet of preserved vessels. Fireboat "Pyronaut" and steam tug "Mayflower' The museums indoor exhibits are housed on the two floors of a former quayside transit shed. On the lower floor is the transport gallery, which houses various land transport exhibits with a particular Bristol slant. Exhibits include what is believed to be the world's first purpose-built holiday caravan to be compared with a 1950s equivalent, the Grenville steam carriage, bicycles, Motor Cycles, cars, carriages and buses. On the upper floor the aviation gallery tells the story of Bristols involvement in aircraft manufacture and contains a collection of Bristol-made aero engines, a Bristol built helicopter, a mock-up flight deck of Concorde and scale models showing the many aircraft built in the city. On the same floor the story of the Port of Bristol is told with models, paintings and other exhibits. *Image is not necessarily one of the museum.

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Saturday to Wednesday (Closed Thursday & Friday) 10.00am - 5.00pm.

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