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##CLOSED DOWN## The museum did have over 400 Examples Of Cycles, Old Cycle Repair Workshop, Over 1000 Cycling Medals, Fobs And Badges From 1881, Extensive Library Of Books The First Cycle Oil Lamp And Window Displays Of Gas, Candle, Battery And Oil Lighting, Gallery Of Framed Cycling Pictures Displays Of Ceramic Cycling Items And Models Of Cycling A History Of Cycling From 1818. Housed in an old Victorian Railway Station the museum has over 400 examples of cycles as well as an old cycle repair workshop, 'Ye Old Cycle Workshop', with its tools and jigs a reminder of years gone by. There's an extensive library of books, the first cycle oil lamp, window displays of gas, candle, battery and oil lighting, and lots of old medals and memorabilia. This is an important museum of cycling history with it's own unique look at cycling since 1881. *Image is not necessarily one of the museum.

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The Old Station, Camelford, PL32 9TZ

01840 212811

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