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About The Canadian Automotive Museum

In 1961, a group of Oshawa businessmen wisely decided to create the Canadian Automotive Museum. The venture was initiated mainly to preserve the automotive history of Canada and to present this history in an educational and entertaining manner. The Canadian Automotive Museum has grown in the size of the collection and in the scope of the artifacts displayed. Motor Cycles, bicycles, trucks, pianos, washing machines, etc., make up the collection today. Of course, the automobile is the backbone of the collection. Currently, approximately 65 vehicles dating from 1898 to 1981 are on display. Through marquees such as Brooks Steam, Redpath, Tudhope, McKay, Galt Gas-Electric, Gray-Dort, Brockville Atlas, C.C.M., as well as many more Canadian-made vehicles, we show the impact the Canadian auto industry has had throughout the years. We, of course, have vehicles from many other countries such as Rolls Royce, Morris, Amphicar, Ahrens-Fox, Reo, etc. Many, if not all of these, while not made in Canada, have certainly contributed to the development of the auto in Canada. A recent addition to our collection consists of ten vehicles and the entire library from the now extinct Craven Foundation in Toronto. In showing a continuing interest in antique autos, Rothmans of Pall Mall donated four of these vehicles and the library to the Canadian Automotive Museum when they found it necessary to close the Craven Foundation. *Image is not necessarily one of the museum.

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Mon. - Fri.: 9:a.m. - 5 p.m Sat. - Sun.: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. (Closed on Christmas only).

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