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About The Mahy Classic Car Collection

There was once ... the Mahy collection, unmatched by its versatility, unique in the world! Everything that relates to the automobile and road transport since 1895 is represented Mahymobiles. Each vehicle has a story or anecdote, and everything radiates passion. The Mahy family, from Ghent in Belgium, specialized in the manufacture of steam boilers. Ghislain Mahy, born in 1907, developed a mechanical aptitude in childhood. At the age of seventeen he built his first car, using a Dixi engine and second-hand parts. "The worst car ever built" he always said. Four years later and after very careful tuning, he managed to sell it for a good price which financed his entry into the motor trade. In 1938, he opened the first car rental agency in Belgium and subsequently became an agent for several big name manufacturers: Nash, Simca and Fiat. In 1944, Ghislain bought an FN Motor Cycle (the world's first 4 cylinder) and also a 1921 Ford Model T, both for only 150 Belgian francs. The model T was a car very close to his heart, his father having driven similar car before the war. During the Second World War he owned only one book about auto mechanics in which there was a chapter that he didn’t fully understand. The chapter was about the gearbox. He dismantled a gearbox in order to understand how it worked, restored the donor car and, after completion, he started acquiring other models, simply to understand how different mechanisms work. 1945 marked Ghislain’s first serious step towards assembling a collection. A taxi driver, sold him two cars; a 1915 Benz Karpatensieger and a 1921 Fiat Limousine. They joined the original Ford T in the Mahy garage. Then, further acquisitions followed a 1915 Wanderer, a superb Belgian 1906 Fondu, and a 1920 Rolls Royce. *Image is not necessarily one of the museum.

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