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Guy Moerenhout was one of the very last Abarth rally racers, supported by Fiat Auto Belgio. He has been the owner of a Car & Tuning Workshop since 1971, and decided in 1997 to let everyone enjoy the benefit of his experience and knowledge about all matter Abarth. Since 2007 he is the proud owner of the 'Abarth Works Museum' in Lier. The 'abarth works museum' is The Place To Be when it comes to Abarth sports cars. Guy has a tremendous stock of cars, spare parts and real Abarth engines. He has lots of technical information and knows where to find that important piece to finish your restoration. He is a Tuning Specialist and can make cars go faster and have better road holding. Guy Moerenhout has got years of experience in car tuning, recreating, restoration and rallying. In his career he has worked with Abarths, Porsches, Land Rovers, Lada Nivas, etc ... In the 1970's and 1980's Guy has worked on the publicity and promotions of cars (car shows, etc). He has driven lots of cars but he has decided that Abarths are the cars for him and are his passion ... Guy started working with cars in the 1970's, buying, seling, repairing and tuning lots of different makes of cars. He was national representative for Lada in Belgium and produced the special tuning version of the Lada Niva "Dream Lada". He worked with other makes and cars like: 4x4, Daihatsu, Mitsubishi, Honda, etc... In 1982 Guy drove a Land Rover on the Paris-Dakar Rally, and also drove several times the Safari Rally Zaire. *Image is not necessarily one of the museum.

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