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About The Myreton Motor Museum

Myreton Motor Museum is one of the oldest motor transport museums in the UK. It first opened its doors in August 1966, and resides in a complex of display rooms next to the farm of the founder, the late Willie Dale. The car park is around the rear of the complex and entry is from the car park. Once inside you find yourself in the first of a number of display rooms that have the look and feel of workshops: completely appropriate for the display of their superbly restored and maintained contents. The walls of the display rooms are lined with advertising signs, pictures, and other memorabilia: while old signposts, road signs, and other artifacts of more than a century of motoring fill the available space. There are over 30 cars and other vehicles on display at the museum, plus, when we last visited, a large collection of Motor Cycles, old and new, were on loan to the museum. Overall around half of the vehicles are owned by the Dale family, the rest on loan to a home that provides care and attention, and makes them available to public view. The exhibits cover all eras of motoring. The oldest is a 1899 General Electric that looks more like a carriage short of a horse than an electric car. It drove into the museum under its own power in 1994. *Image is not necessarily one of the museum.

Opening Times

April - October: 11am to 4pm daily November - March: 11am to 3pm at week-ends.

Contacting the Museum

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