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Down the right side of the gallery is the railway display. The name plates from GWR Hall class locomotive Wollaton Hall and LMS City Class locomotive City of Nottingham catch your attention and the cases underneath have items from the days of the Great Central Railway and the imposing Victoria Station. Along the far wall is the collection of locally made motorcycles. The collection of Brough Superior machines attract many glances with their bright chrome work and imposing size. A number of the bikes are non production models and the ‘Dream’ with its big square four cylinder block, Palethorpe engine attracts many a second look. However the small ‘flat tank’ Campion bike standing along the row is also well worth a second look.. Made in Nottingham in 1921 this 500c.c. bike is probably one of the last Campion motor cycles made. It is reputed that although Campion was in production for a long time and made many motorcycles there are now less that 20 in existence and some of these are incomplete. *Image is not necessarily one of the museum.

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We are open every Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday. 11:00am to 16:00pm

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