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Throughout the history of REME and its predecessors, hundreds of different makes and types of specialist vehicle have been used in the mobile repair and recovery roles. Many of the vehicles inherited when the Corps was formed soldiered on till long after World War 2. However, newer types, sometimes locally improvised, were utilised. REME built or adapted many trucks and trailers to suit its special needs as well as issuing specifications to have purpose built versions supplied by manufacturers. During World War 2 many US and Canadian built vehicles were also used. When the REME Museum was set up in 1957, only two preserved World War 2 vehicles were available, these stood outside the old museum in Arborfield, vulnerable to vandalism and the affects of weather. Eventually they were sent to a more secure unit in Bordon where they joined various relics either used for training vehicle tradesmen or as ornamental 'gate guards'. By the early 1980s only about half a dozen vehicles actually belonged to the museum and no active policy existed for adding to the collection. A new initiative followed the increase in Museum staff in Arborfield in the early 1980s and the growing interest generally in the preservation of old vehicles. The enthusiasm of serving and ex REME officers and soldiers enabled a more purposeful approach to be made to the enhancement of the vehicle collection. At the same time covered space became available at Bordon to house it. The Ministry of Defence was asked to provide sample vehicles as they came out of service while others were donated by private individuals. The collection has grown enormously over the years and now numbers over 100 vehicles and trailers. Most have some special connection with REME either as repair vehicles or recovery vehicles. Together they form the Historic Vehicle Collection. *Image is not necessarily one of the museum.

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