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The The British Postal Museum and Archive holds about 40 motor vehicles (excluding Motor Cycles) of various shapes, sizes and models. Our earliest original vehicle dates from the 1930s but we also hold a replica of a 1910 Dennis van. Until the First World War, the Post Office relied on contractors to provide vehicles and drivers for transporting the mail by road. Shortly before the war the idea of the Post Office owning its own fleet of motor vehicles was mooted but dismissed. Improvements in the technology and reliability of motor vehicles during the First World War meant that the situation changed. In the 1920s a fleet of Fords were acquired and became the first large-scale vehicle purchase for postal operations. Ford stopped manufacturing their T and TT models in 1927. The Post Office eventually turned to the British manufacturer Morris as their preferred supplier. Morris vehicles formed the bulk of the Post Office fleet from then onwards until after the Second World War. Of course not all Post Office motor vehicles were simply for transporting mail. The first ones were in fact owned by the Post Office stores department. The Morris Commerical LC5 (1956) is an example of the model that was introduced in 1943 as a medium-sized bulk carrier. It would have been used to carry mail between railway stations and sorting offices and also on short-distance journeys. The LC5 was one of the last Morris models to be built especially to Post Office specifications. This particular example was used by the Post Office in Market Drayton and later in Shrewsbury. It was restored by Royal Mail who bought it back from a farmer who had left it rusting in a field. *Image is not necessarily one of the museum.

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