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About The Wheels O Time Museum

In 1979 two guys, living in the Peoria, Illinois area, needed storage space for a number of collector cars, especially Packards. They started thinking about a building on the north edge of the city. Nothing suitable could be found so they started thinking about erecting a building. They found a 5 acre tract which looked good, bought it, and started thinking again. They thought it would be nice if other hobbyists joined them so they could have a larger facility, and then they had their best thought of all: Open it to the public and call it a Museum! About our Mission. We are here to entertain and educate. Our mission is to provide a facility where folks of all ages can see and hear, and sometimes touch, items representing transportation, industry, farm and home life, as well as entertainment, from times past. We have a multitude of exhibits, many interactive, showing life 50 to 100 years ago, in the Peoria area. *Image is not necessarily one of the museum.

Opening Times

2013 Open Schedule (May 1 - October 1) Wednesday through Sunday 12 : 00 noon to 5 : 00 p.m.

Contacting the Museum

Please do not contact jonniejumble directly about the Wheels O Time Museum as they will not be able to reply to your mail.

Use the website address or contact numbers below. Thank you.

1710 W Woodside Drive, Dunlap, IL 61525,

309 243 9020

Webite Address : wheelsotime.org