Brake Cylinder Parts

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#CategoryPart InfoPrice (exc. P&P)
1Brake Cylindersnil£30.00
2Brake Cylindersnil£30.00
3Brake Cylindersnil£30.00
4Brake Cylindersnil£22.50
5Brake Cylindersnil£30.00
6Brake Cylindersnil£30.00
7Brake Cylindersnil£22.50
8Brake CylindersGwc 1150 / 51 As GWC 1145 / 46 [misc . ]POA
9Brake CylindersGwc 1145 Triumph Acclaim Rear Left Hand£22.50
10Brake CylindersGwc 1146 Triumph Acclaim Rear Left Hand£22.50
11Brake Cylinders100562 Adjuster . Girling 64676115 Vauxhall Victor Fd 1967 / 1968 / 1969 / 1970 / 1971 / 1972 Front Drivers Side£15.00
12Brake Cylinders4241 - 168 Vauxhall Viva 1600 Rear Left Hand£22.50
13Brake Cylinders Bendix rear wheel cylinderBWH153 Renault 12 1976-1980. Renault 16[1600]TX 1975-1979. Renault 17[1647] 1976-1979;£20.00
14Brake Cylinders Bendix rear wheel cylinderBWD133 Peugeot 106[1.0]/106[1.0i]106[1.1]106[1.1i] 1991-1996£20.00
15Brake Cylinders Bendix Rear Wheel cylinderBWC149. Simca 1100 1977-1979.£20.00
16Brake Cylinders Brake master cylinder.SP3737 Volks Wagen Beetle 1300/1302 dual brakes 1972-1978.£60.00
17Brake Cylinders FAG master cylinderFAG 19mm bore S5169 single line 125mm length.£50.00
18Brake Cylinders FAG master cylinderFAG 17mm bore S5178 40 single line 125mm length£50.00
19Brake Cylinders FAG master cylinder 20mm bore S5132 Dual line £50.00
20Brake Cylinders FAG master cylinder22mm bore S5008 single line remote reservoir. 410 mm length. Clutch master cylinder?£50.00
21Brake Cylinders FAG master cylinderFAG 23mm bore AS34940 dual line£50.00
22Brake Cylinders FAG master cylinderFAG 19mm bore S5169 single line£50.00
23Brake Cylinders FAG master cylinderFAG 20mm bore S50203 dual line£50.00
24Brake Cylinders FAG master cylinder. FAG 23mm bore AS39920 dual line. £50.00
25Brake Cylinders Front Wheel Cylinder Lefthand SideGWC603. Morris Marina 1300 1972-1973.Triumph Toledo 1300 1970-1976. Vauxhall Victor FC 1600cc 1967-1972.Victor 2000cc 1967-1972.£15.00
26Brake Cylinders Front Wheel Cylinder lefthand sideGWC604 Morris Marina 13001972-1973.Triumph Toledo 1300 1970-1976.Vauxhall Victor FC 1600cc 1967-1972.Victor 2000cc 1967-1972£15.00
27Brake Cylinders GirlingGWC302 R/H Front Land Rover SIIA/IIIA 109IN.6CYL.1962-1972£22.50
28Brake Cylinders GirlingGwc 303 L/H front Land Rover SII/SIIA/III 109inch 4CYL.1958 on£22.50
29Brake Cylinders GirlingGwc 304 Front R/H Landrover Rover SII/IIA/SIII 109inch 4CYL.1958 on£22.50
30Brake Cylinders Girling front wheel cylinder L/H side390310 - 1w . Ford 100E.Anglia/Prefect 1954- 1957 Standard 8/10 1953-1957£15.00
31Brake Cylinders Girling front wheel cylinder L/H side 64968073 Datsun Sunny 1000/1200 cc1966-1973£15.00
32Brake Cylinders Girling front wheel cylinder R/H side64968072 Datsun Sunny 1000/1200cc 1966-1972£15.00
33Brake Cylinders Girling front Wheel cylinder.GWC118=R/H GWC119=L/H. Morris Marina 1300cc drum brakes 1972-1975. Marina 7cwt van drum brakes 1972-1975.£15.00
34Brake Cylinders Girling rear cylinder same both sides GWC1132/DWC104 Ford Anglia 105E/123E 1959-1967. Reliant Rialto 850cc/Van 1982 on. Robin 750cc/850cc/Van 1973-1986. Rover Ital all models 1980=1984.Marina 1 1300cc/1500cc 1971-1972. Marina 1800cc 1972-1975, Marina 2/3 1300cc/1500cc/1800cc 1975-1980. Maxi 1500cc/1750cc 1969-1980. Triumph 1300cc 1969-1970. Vitesse 1600cc 1962-1966.Spitfire/Toledo 1500cc 1975-1981. Vauxhall Viva 1159cc/1256cc 1963-1979£20.00
35Brake Cylinders Girling Rear wheel cylinder Gwc1121 Morris Marina 1.3/1.8/1.8 TC with automatic rear brake ajustment. Triumph Dolomite Sprint 1973 on,Dolomite 1850 HL £25.00
36Brake Cylinders Girling rear wheel cylinderGwc1208 Austin/Morris 7cwt van.Ford Escort 1100/1300 1965-1976.Ford Thames5/7cwt 1963-1968;Escort 6/8cwt1968-1975. Hillman Imp 1963 on.Singer Chamois 1964-1970.Sunbeam Imp Sport 1966 on. Sunbeam Stiletto 1966 on.Morris Marina 1.3, drum front brakes.Triumph Herald 1200cc Mki/II 1961-1967.Hearald 12/50 1963-1967. 13/60 1967-1971.Spitfire 4 MkI/II/III1962-1967.GTC6 MkI. Toledo 1296cc 1970-1972. Vitesse 2 litre MkII 1966-1971.Vauxhall/Bedford HA 6/10cwt.£25.00
37Brake Cylinders Girling Rear Wheel Cylinder3010520 Fordson ThamesTruck 2-5 Ton 1950-1957£37.50
38Brake Cylinders Girling rear wheel cylinder390112W/3W Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire 1954-1957. Armstrong Siddeley 346 1957. Armstrong Siddeley Star-Sapphire 1958-1960. Aston Martin DB MkIII 1958 Daimler DF306-7/308-9/400-1 1954-1955. Jaguar MkVII 1951-1957 Jaguar MkVIII 1957 on. Riley Pathfinder 1953-1955 Rover P4 80/100 & 3 1959 onlitre £50.00
39Brake Cylinders Girling rear wheel cylinder both sidesGWC1112 Austin/Morris 1800 MkI/3 Litre 1967-1971. light comm' vehicle 10cwt van 1972 on. Vauxhall VivaHBR GT 1968-1970: Victo 1600/2000 1968-1972. VX 4/90 1969-1972.Ventora 1968-1972. Viva HC Firenza 1800/2300 1972-1973: Reliant Sabre 4 1961-1965. £25.00
40Brake Cylinders Girling rear wheel cylinder both sidesVQ138.Austin Maestro van 500/700 1984 on.Ford: Consul 200 V4 1972-1974. Cortina III 1300/16001970-1973. Granada 2.0/2.8/petrol 2.1/2.3 diese1 1971-1981. Sierra/Saphire all models 1982-1993. Taunus 1300/1600 without servo 1970-1971£15.00
41Brake Cylinders Girling rear wheel cylinder manual ajuster.64698073 Datsun Sunny 1000/1200cc 1966-1973£25.00
42Brake Cylinders Girling rear wheel cylinder with automatic adjuster.64698070/1 Datsun Sunny 1000/1200cc 1966-1973.£25.00
43Brake Cylinders Girling Rear Wheel Cylinders64674253/4. Austin/Morris LDM30 1 1/2 ton rear2.2/4 litre engines 1962-1967, Austin Morris WFK30 1 1/2 ton 2.2/4 litre engine 1963-1967£25.00
44Brake Cylinders Girling rearwheel cylinder both sidesGWC1113 Austin/Morris 1800 MkII 1968-1975. 2200 1972-1975. Wolseley 18/85 1967-1972.Wolseley Six 1972-1975£25.00
45Brake Cylinders GirlingTruck rear wheel cylinder64675424 fitment not listed. POA
46Brake Cylinders LockheedGWC103 Front L/H Austin/Morris Mini MkI 848cc. Countryman/Traveller/Van/Pickup/Moke 1964 on. Riley Elf MkII 998cc 1962-1966. Wolseley Hornet MkII 989cc 1963-1966. Austin/Morris 250 JU 1967-1974. Ford Transit 12/17/22 cwt 1965-1968. Vauxhall Victor FB 1508/1595cc.Velox PA/Cresta PB 1962-1964. Saab 95/96 1065-1966. £15.00
47Brake Cylinders Lockheed113525 Front Wheel Cylinder L/h and R/h MkI Mini 1959-1964.£0.00
48Brake Cylinders Lockheed front wheel cylinder4241-574 Ford Transit 12/18/22 cwt 1968-1970£15.00
49Brake Cylinders Lockheed front wheel cylinder4241-517 R/H 518 L/H. Ford Transit 12/14cwt 1968-1970. Transit 75/115 SWB 1970 on£15.00
50Brake Cylinders Lockheed front wheel cylinder4241-523 R/H 524 L/H. Vauxhall Victor Ventora 1972 on.£15.00
51Brake Cylinders Lockheed front wheel cylinder4241-521 R/H 522L/H. Bedford CF 14/18/22cwt 1969 on, Austin/Morris Mini MkI/II 1964-1967. Ford Transit 12/14cwt 1965-1968. Vauxhall Velox/Cresta 1962-1964£15.00
52Brake Cylinders Lockheed front wheel cylinder4241-521/22 521 R/H dide 522 L/H side, Ford Transit 12 & 14 cwt single line system 1965-1968£22.50
53Brake Cylinders Lockheed front wheel cylinder4241-508/09. 08 R/H side 09 L/H side, Vauxhall Viva HB 1967-1970. HC 1159cc 1970 on£15.00
54Brake Cylinders Lockheed front wheel cylinder. L/H sideGWC111/LW35001. See GWC110 for applications.£25.00
55Brake Cylinders Lockheed front wheel cylinder: GWC110/LW15000=R/H Side. GWC111/LW15001=L/H side Austin 6/8cwt Van/Pickup 1968-1972. Austin/Morris J2/152 1500cc to Ch' number 22271' Austin Healey Sprite/MG Midget 948CC 1961-1962. MG Magnette ZA/ZB.Morris 1000 van/pickup 1956-1972. Morris Cowley 1956-1959.Morris Oxford series II/III/IV.Saab Light Car [some] Sunbeam Alpine MkII. Triumph Mayflower 1951 on.£25.00
56Brake Cylinders Lockheed rear cylinder LW11287, fits both sides.Morris Minor 1000. Austin 1/4 ton seriesIII from chassis 150832£25.00
57Brake Cylinders Lockheed Rear wheel cylinder4241-149 Vauxhall Victor 1759/2279/3300cc. Ventota 3.3. 1972 on£22.50
58Brake Cylinders Lockheed Rear Wheel CylinderLockheed 4241-587 Ford Transit MkI 125. 1976-1978£15.00
59Brake Cylinders Lockheed Rear Wheel Cylinder4241-319 Hillman Hunter 1973-1976. Hillman Minx 1967-1970 From Chassis Number Bo 81009436.Humber Sceptre 1973-1976.Singer Vogue 1966-1970 From Chassis Number B 782000001 £22.50
60Brake Cylinders Lockheed Rear Wheel CylinderLockheed 4241-190 Hillman Hunter 1973 From Chassis Number L30008829809 . 1973-1976£20.00
61Brake Cylinders Lockheed rear wheel cylinder4242-029/30 Mini MkI/II. 029R/H side 030L/H side 1967 on£20.00
62Brake Cylinders Lockheed rear wheel cylinder4242-039 R/h side:4242-040L/H side: Ford Transit 75/115 SWB 1970 on.£20.00
63Brake Cylinders Lockheed rear wheel cylinder both sides88692. Austin/Morris J2 10cwt. 1962-1966£25.00
64Brake Cylinders Lockheed rear wheel cylinder R/H side4241-561 Bedford CF 1969-1977.£15.00
65Brake Cylinders Lockheed rear wheel cylinder.88692 Austin/Morris J2 16/18cwt 1962 on.£25.00
66Brake CylindersGirling rear whell cylinder. Fits both sidesGWC1110.Austin Maxi 1.5/1.7 169-1978. Bedford HA 6-8cwt to ch'1V752612 1967-1971. Ford 105E/123E 1968 0n. Morris Ital/Marina all models with manual rear brake adjustment 1971-1980. Reliant Rialto 748cc 1983 on. robin 748cc single line system 1073-1978. Triumph Dolomite single line 1973-1978.Triumph GT6 Mk3 2.0 litre 1970-1972. Triumph Spitfire 1500cc dual line 1976-1980. Triumph Toledo 1300cc disc brakes 1970-1976. Triumph 1300cc/1300ccTC 1965-1970. Triumph Vitesse 1600cc 1962-1966. Vauxhall Firenza 1159/1256cc 1971-1973 Vauxhall Viva HA 1963-1966.Vauxhall Viva 1.2/1.3/1.6 1966-1979. £15.00

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